NHD in PA Judging and Spectator Policy

National History Day in Pennsylvania Judging Policy

1. Every effort is made to ensure that judging of the National History Day in Pennsylvania competition is fair and accurate. Any student, parent or teacher who wishes to comment upon the judging at the local, district or state level shall do so in writing. A response shall be made in writing. No comment shall be made by telephone or through personal contact unless the relevant contest official deems it necessary, in which case the official will initiate or invite the contact. There is no time limit for comments and no limit on the number of written communications an individual may submit.

2. No local, district, or state coordinator or any official at the NHD national office has the authority to overrule, set aside, or otherwise undermine a judge's decision, and under no circumstances shall a judge's decision be changed. This is true whether a complaint alleges scoring miscalculation, bias, prejudice, or any other error. All judging is final.

3. Judging forms will be returned to advancing students at the conclusion of the state contest. All other forms will be returned within 30 days.

National History Day in Pennsylvania Spectator Policy

In an effort to ensure our student competitors have a fair and fun experience National History Day in Pennsylvania has enacted the following policies. Please take a few moments and read over them. We thank you in advance for adhering to these policies.

1. TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES while viewing any student projects.

2. Refrain from cheering during documentaries and performances. Brief applause at the end are acceptable.

3. While walking/waiting in the hallways to view student projects keep your voices down so as not to disturb the judging process.

4. Please do not speak to the judges concerning the judging of your student’s project; contact contest officials with any concerns.

5. While judging is in progress, stay in your seats and do not interject with your opinions.

6. Do not enter a room while judging is in progress.

7. Please do not eat in the judging rooms or hallways.

8. Judges have absolute authority to remove disruptive individuals from the judging room if they deem it necessary to protect the integrity of the judging process.

9. All participants are expected to maintain proper standards of decorum during the event. Individuals who engaged in disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the contest area and may be barred from future NHD in PA competitions. If appropriate, officials may become involved if unruly spectators refuse to depart or if other participants or property are endangered.