Korean War Photo Gallery

All photos in the gallery courtesy of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA. These photographs may be reproduced freely for educational purposes with attribution. Teachers can email us to request full-sized copies of images below.

Historical accuracy is important to us.  If you see something that seems wrong please let us know.

38th parallel_edited Ethiopian Soldiers_with_m1s_edit
seoul destroyed_edit night firing_howitzer_korea_edit
30 cal_in_action_edit Humping
chow time_2_edit Chow time_edit
Break time_edited Femal War_Correspondant_edit
Korea mountain_outpost looking across_the_yalu_edit
Helping Wounded_Soldiers_edit Korean Bunkers_edit
korean mother_with_2_kids_edit marine helicopter_edit
Medic w_chinese_soldier_edit mlr caution_sign_edit
Piano rr_edit pork chop_hill_edit
Rural Korea_edit Wounded Canadian_Soldiers_edit
Quad fifty_in_action_edit un cemetary_near_pusan_sept_1950_edit
view from_a_bunker_edit wonson ruins_edit

signing for_peace_edit

Map of_Korean_Conflict_1950-1951_from_CMH