Vietnam War Photo Gallery

All photos in the gallery courtesy of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA. These photographs may be reproduced freely for educational purposes with attribution. 

Historical accuracy is important to us.  If you see something that seems wrong please let us know.

westy edit

a shau_and_da_nang_edit

jungle hills_edit

jungle patrol_edit

airmobile combat_assault_edit

chinook edit

huey hog_edit

cobra II_edit

cobra edit

mowhawk edit

50 cal_team_edit

quad 50_edit

loading mortar_edit

airburst edit

firing 175mm_edit

m107 fired_edit

hmmmmm edit

m60 in_action_edit

m79 edit

prc-25 edit

calling for_air_support_edit

mp with_ak_10_edit

arvn ii_edit

arvn edit

captured truck_edit

captured vc_edit

captured weapons_II_edit

captured weapons_edit

guarding edit

prisoners edit

body count_edit

nva defectors_edit

mp inspection_edit

bomb check_edit

village assault_edit

bridge crossing_edit

axe man_edit

burden edit

co e_199_lt_inf_brgd_fords_a_stream_during_sweep_edit

fireing at_bunker_edit

heavy jungle_edit

ho chi_mihn_trail_edit

comforting the_wounded_edit

hill 875_edit

group of_sf_edit

lt gregory_edit

m60 stream_edit

operation charelston_edit

operation attelboro_chopper_edit

patrolling edit

ready for_field_mission_edit

pride edit

recon in_force_edit

relocation edit

wounded nva_edit

resting edit

rice cahce_edit

river patrol_edit

shooting edit

taking cover_edit

straw hats_edit

tilt rod_edit


treating wounded_vietnamese_edit

tunnel vent_edit

tunnel room_edit

tunnel rat_edit

tunnel cs_edit