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4th Annual Reenactor Recruitment Day at USAHEC to Highlight All Periods of U.S. Army History
News and Events
Come learn about the exciting world of living history and reenactment at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) in Carlisle, Pennsy...
Success Amidst Disaster: Major Jason Warren Broadens the History of Connecticut in King Philip’s War
News and Events
In the years 1675 and 1676, New England saw a series of blood-soaked battles when the Wampanoag Indian alliance violently pushed back against enc...
Dinner and a Movie at USAHEC: Tora! Tora! Tora! to be Shown the with a Historical Twist!
News and Events
“Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly, and deliberately attacked by naval...
U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center to Host Great Decisions Lecture Series
News and Events
The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) will host the annual “Great Decisions” lecture series beginning on Friday, January 16, 2015....

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Army Nurses Corps

 Operation Just Cause  FM 22-100 Leadership (1999)

What do they mean? - US Army Rank Insignia

  All-Volunteer Force  
Army Slang    
Stars and Stripes    
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Civil War Photo Gallery (People)


Gettysburg Campaign Photo Gallery


World War I Photo Gallery


World War II Photo Gallery


Korean War Photo Gallery


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Vietnam War Photo Gallery

Revolutionary War    
Samuel M. Shute Valley Forge Revolutionary War Equipment
  Battle of Yorktown Smallpox in the Revolution
Civil War    
Charles C. Perkins Battle of Bull Run Union Casualty Reports
  Battle of Manassas Civil War Equipment (Union)
General Luther P. Bradley The Death of Crazy Horse  
Corporal Abial H. Edwards Battle of Antietam  
  U.S. Colored Troops  
  Post-War Occupation & Reconstruction  
Nurses Jane & Bell Robison Civil War Nurses  
  Civil War Medicine  
Western Frontier    
Colonel Hobart K. Bailey    
Adolphus W. Greely The Lady Franklin Bay Expedition  
  1906 San Francisco Earthquake  
  The Signal Corps  
Spanish-American War    
John D. LaWall Spanish-American War Spanish-American War Equipment
  Philippine Insurrection  
World War I    
 Elizabeth Lewis A.E.F. at Sedan  
  The Armistice  
Emma Elizabeth Weaver Gas Warfare in WWI  
  Chateau Thierry  
  The Rape of Belgium  
Paul H. Totten A.E.F. in North Russia  
  Russian Civil War  
Donald D. Kyler Meuse-Argonne  
  World War I Rations  
  Chemical Warfare in WWI  
World War II    
BG Benjamin O. Davis (First African-American General)    
Charles J. Chibitty (Codetalker) Operation COBRA  
  Life at Carlisle Indian School  
BG Anna Mae Hays (First Female General) 20th General Hospital  
  Women's Army Corps (WAC) - WWII  
Willard Dominick (Pacific Theater)   Malaria in World War II
    World War II Equipment
Korean War    
BG Anna Mae Hays (First Female General) WAC - Post WWII - Vietnam  
SSG Richard Turner The Korean War  
  Battle of Chip'Yong-Ni  
Colonel Robert W. Black The Hill 299 Turkey Shoot  
BG James A. Herbert    
Vietnam War    
BG Anna Mae Hays (First Female General) WAC - Vietnam to Present Malaria in Vietnam
 Colonel Robert W. Black The Tet Offensive  
 Chaplain Robert Speer    
Cold War    
CPT Kevin Born History of the Berlin Brigade  
  The 1961 Berlin Crisis  
  The Allied Right of Access  
  The Berlin Wall Comes Down