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Veterans Oral History Program

DESCRIPTION: The Voices of the Past Speak to the Future Veterans Oral History Project is an intergenerational, interdisciplinary program for high school students that allows them to interact with Veterans and discuss aspects of service to the Nation. Additionally, the program trains them to conduct and record oral history interviews and prepare their interviews for preservation in historical archives. Students also complete a written reflection and create a website to tell their Veteran’s story.

PARTNERSHIPS: The Army Heritage Center Foundation partners with local school districts and Veterans groups to execute the program. The Foundation provides training and support for the program and facilitates the disposition of the interview products. The school district recruits and manages the students while Veterans groups serve as liaison to the Veterans.

VETERANS: Veterans from all branches of the military may participate. Oral histories from Army Veterans are submitted for preservation in the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center. All other Veteran interviews are submitted to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

TRAINING: Students attend a day-long training session at the US Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA, or at their school. The training includes proper interview methods, program expectations, an overview of the relevant conflicts, and an overview of Veterans’ issues. Students who attend sessions at Carlisle meet with Veterans, attend classes in World War II era barracks, eat military rations in a World War II chow hall, and tour the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center and the Army Heritage Trail. Training can be tailored to suit the students schedule if necessary.

BENEFITS: Many of the Veterans involved in the program have never discussed their experiences. This program provides them an opportunity to tell their stories and have them preserved for future generations. Students learn about history from eyewitnesses while developing valuable research and workplace skills. This program helps build communities and increases the public’s awareness of the contributions Veterans have made to the history of our nation and the world.

ACADEMIC STANDARDS: The program meets numerous academic standards for Pennsylvania (click here to view standards).

FUNDING: The Foundation is seeking new partners to collaborate on fundraising efforts to support the material and staff needs of the program.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR INVOLVEMENT: The Foundation is seeking to expand the program. Teachers, Veterans, or Veterans’ groups interested in participating should contact the Army Heritage Center Foundation by phone at 717-258-1102 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Army Veterans who would like to preserve their stories may also complete an appropriate Veteran's Survey available from the US Army Heritage and Education Center.

Click here to be directed to the surveys.

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