Soldier Stories

With funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education, the Army Heritage Center Foundation has developed interactive teaching tools that tell Soldier stories using collections found at the Army Heritage and Education Center. Some of these stories relate to our DVD and CD-ROMs, which can be purchased through the Online Store. Click on the "More Info" link to find out more about these individuals and the events they participated in.

The Stories They Could Tell


ASA Patch 3
Lonnie Frampton:  We Were Never Here
Vietnam - Radio Research
Menu Photo CPT David J. Calhoun
Vietnam - Military Advisory Command
CPT Wilbur Wolf, Jr. - Eye in the Sky
Cold War - Germany
Marc Spiridigliozzi - For Love of Country
Vietnam War
Dennis O'Conner:  Saving Lives With Supplies
Vietnam War
Anna Nydes:  Witness to Justice
A WAC at Nuremberg
Laura May Nell - Nurses "Over There"
World War I Nurse
Lionel Pinn - A Native American Goes to War
World War II, Korea, Vietnam
The U.S. Army and the Concentration Camps of WW II
Bugler Howard Munder
The 28th Infantry Division in World War I
Dennis Sheppard
Vietnam - Vinh Long Airfield
Phyllis Cogan Menu Photo LTC Phyllis Cogan
Vietnam - Army Nurse Corps
Marm Photo for Menu
COL Walter "Joe" Marm, Jr.
Vietnam - The Battle of Ia Drang
Hearts and Minds:  SGT Joe Boslet
Vietnam - MACV
Colonel Benjamin Purcell: 5 Years in Hell
Vietnam - POW
LTC Terry Walters: Tending the Troops
Operations Restore Hope (Somalia 1993)
SP4 Bill Beck: Ready for Battle
Vietnam - The Battle of Ia Drang (1965)

Ruth Rappaport: The Soldier's Librarian
Vietnam War

PFC Willie J. Eaglin: For Love of Country
Korean War
 McBride Richard L. McBride: Grinding Through
World War II
bobspeer -_from_berlin_observer_II Robert Speer: A Chaplain's Tale
Vietnam War
Lawall Headshot
John D. LaWall: Hard Marches
& Tropical Sun
Philippine Insurrection
Donald Kyler: Over the Top
World War I
Insignia 339
Against the Soviet Bear: Paul H. Totten and the Polar Bears
World War I
American Soldier_headshot
Fighting For Freedom: Samuel M. Shute and the 2nd New Jersey Regiment
Revolutionary War
Greely headshot
Fire & Ice: Adolphus W. Greely
American Explorers
Ranger Herbert_w_Tab
Brigadier General James A. Herbert
Korean War/Vietnam War
Ranger Black_w_tab
A Ranger Born: Col. Robert W. Black
Korean War/Vietnam War
38th Parallel_edited
Frozen to the Bone: SSG Richard Turner
Korean War
Angels in the Wards: 
Jane & Bell Robison
Civil War Nurses
Student of the Grand School: 
Corporal Abial Hall Edwards
Civil War
From Patriot to Pioneer: 
Brigadier General Anna Mae Hays
The Story of the US Army's First Female General
How Comanche Heritage Helped Win the War: Charles J. Chibitty and the Code Talkers
World War II, European Theater
Behind the Iron Curtain:  Captain Kevin Born and the Berlin Brigade
Cold War
High Private of the Rear Ranks:  
Charles C. Perkins
Civil War
Drawing on History:  Willard Dominick
World War II, Pacific Theater
Determined To Serve: General Luther P. Bradley
Civil War and the American Western Frontier
Forging Two Frontiers: Hobart Kemper Bailey
The American Western Frontier, Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection
Defending the Long Road to Freedom: Benjamin Oliver Davis
The Story of the Army's first African-American General
Army Nurses of World War One: Service Beyond Expectations
Army Nurses Go to War
The Eye of the Army: A Photographic Exhibit
Army Signal Corps photographs from 1850 to Vietnam.
Designing for Victory 1914-1945
Posters from the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center collections.