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USAHEC to Display National “Treasures”
News and Events
The property receipt for the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima; Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick’s Civil War presentation sword; General Omar N...
Students Compete for Honors at the National History Day in Pennsylvania State Contest
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On May 12 and 13, 2015, more than 1,000 students, teachers, and parents from across the Commonwealth will converge on Millersville University to ...
All Veteran Parachute Team Returns to 2015 Army Heritage Days
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Why would anyone jump out of perfectly good airplane? This question has surrounded the elite group of men and women in the U.S. Army known as par...
Army Heritage Center Foundation to Host Army Birthday Commemoration Dinner
News and Events
“Be all You Can Be”  was the Army’s recruiting slogan from the early 1980s until the late 1990s and one of the most successful marketing s...

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Yearly Accomplishments of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center

and the Army Heritage Center Foundation



  • Ridgway Hall opens to the public.


  • The first living history event, Army Heritage Day, took place on the Army Heritage Trail at USAHEC.
  • USAHEC’s first Fall Living History Event took place.
  • The Foundation’s Education Department developed the WWI Army Nurses CD.
  • USAHEC presents its Designing for Victory Poster exhibit.
  • Approval for RACP Grant program received.
  • Creation and distribution of quarterly Foundation newsletters.
  • USAHEC annual visitation is 12,000.


  • Internally staffed development department established.
  • Master plan updated and design for the Visitors and Education Center began.
  • USAHEC presents its Eye of the Army exhibit.
  • Education Department received Act 48 approval and EITC recognition.
  • WWII exhibit barracks on the Army Heritage Trail was constructed through the Foundation’s sponsorship and the work of the Pennsylvania Carpenters Union Lebanon Training Facility.
  • A replica of Redoubt #10 from Yorktown was constructed and dedicated on the Army Heritage Trail.
  • Foundation membership level categories created and named for Soldier ranks.
  • Foundation embarked on a national fundraising campaign to construct the Visitor and Education Center.
  • Foundation received donation of the Lewis and Clark Air Rifle.
  • USAHEC annual visitation is 39,000.


  • Education Department produced CD based on USAHEC’s “Eye of the Army” exhibit.
  • USAHEC presents its An American Odyssey exhibit.
  • Foundation supporters began receiving annual reports.
  • The Foundation’s donor recognition plan was accepted by the Army.
  • Foundation transferred Lewis and Clark Air Rifle to U.S. Army.
  • USAHEC annual visitation is 55,000.


  • USAHEC presents a Vietnam War exhibit, WWII Exhibit titled Entering Germany, WWI exhibit entitled Over There; Archived Here.
  • The Education Department began to sponsor National History Day in Pennsylvania.
  • The Foundation held its First Annual Membership Dinner.
  • New exhibits on the Army Heritage Trail include Revolutionary War era block house and blacksmith forge, Vietnam War Firebase and Battle of the Ia Drang exhibit.
  • Dedication of 80th Infantry Division Memorial on the Army Heritage Trail.
  • USAHEC annual visitation is 61,000.


  • Construction of the Visitor and Education Center began.
  • USAHEC presented a photograph exhibit based on the work of 87th Infantry Division photographer Tony Vacaro.
  • USAHEC’s Civil War MOLLUS photograph collection goes digital.
  • Army Heritage Days expands to a 2 day event.
  • Members 1st Federal Credit Union becomes sustaining partner.
  • The Foundation initiated an award program at its membership dinner for Army Living Legends and supporters of USAHEC, the Foundation, the U.S. Army and its Soldiers.
  • The Foundation redesigned and launched its website.
  • Construction began for the Conservation Facility.
  • USAHEC annual visitation is 72,000.


  • Construction of the Visitor and Education Center is completed in the summer, and the Foundation staff moved to its new office in August.
  • The Foundation donated the Visitor and Education Center to the Army.
  • The Foundation initiates its social media presence.
  • Cold War exhibit and M-109 added to the Army Heritage Trail.
  • The Foundation’s Education Department launched its Voices of the Past Speak to the Future Veteran’s Oral History Program.
  • Dedication of 44th Bomb Group and 8th Airborne Ranger memorials on the Army Heritage Trail.
  • USAHEC presents its Omar Bradley and Carlisle Barracks: Then and Now exhibits.
  • USAHEC annual visitation is 91,000. 


  • In May, the Visitor and Education Center and the Foundation sponsored Museum Store open to the public, along with the USAHEC's first exhibit gallery, A Great Civil War.
  • In November, Café Cumberland opened to the public.
  • The Build on Success Capital Campaign launched to fund construction of Phase Two of the Visitor and Education Center.
  • USAHEC hosts Pennsylvania’s Civil War Road Show Tour.
  • In August, the Foundation hosted a birthday party and tandem Air Jump with the Ranger Group for Mr. Richard “Red” Falvey, a World War II Airborne veteran.
  • Dedication of the 88th Infantry Division Memorial on the Army Heritage Trail.
  • The Conservation facility was constructed and occupied.
  • USAHEC presents its Civil War 1861 and Civil War Photograph exhibits.
  • USAHEC annual visitation is 127,000.


  • In May, the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau Informational Booth opened within the Visitor and Education Center.
  • In May, USAHEC hosted the AUSA Northeast Region Conference.
  • In June, construction of a third parking lot, Soldiers Walk, and two outdoor event plazas began.
  • In August, components of the Pennsylvania National Guard installed donated additional HESCO barriers to the Current Operations Exhibit on the Army Heritage Trail, as a training exercise.
  • In September, the Foundation completed infrastructure enhancements to support Phase Two of the Visitor and Education Center.
  • In November, USAHEC opened its first permanent gallery, The Soldier Experience Gallery, in the Visitor and Education Center.
  • USAHEC annual visitation is 165,000.


  • In January, the Army accepts Foundation proffer of infrastructure construction.
  • In June, the Foundation held its first Army Birthday Dinner at USAHEC.
  • In July, the Korean War exhibit on the Army Heritage Trail was dedicated.
  • In July, the Foundation was accepted into the Combined Federal Campaign.
  • Over the summer. USAHEC added a Bradley to its Current Operations exhibit on the Army Heritage Trail.
  • In November, the Foundation held its 6th Annual Membership Dinner and Silent Auction. This event was held for the first time at USAHEC.
  • In November, USAHEC opened its first Art Exhibit, featuring the works of WWII Stalag Luft prisoner of war, Carl Holmstrom.
  • In December, USAHEC  was named as a Smithsonian Affiliate, the first of the Army Museum system to earn such a designation.