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It’s a Bird… it’s a Plane…it’s a Paratrooper?! Army Heritage Days 2015
News and Events
"It is fitting and proper that we devote one day each year to paying special tribute to those whose constancy and courage constitute one of the b...
Reconsider the American Way of War at USAHEC
News and Events
Explore the disconnect between the popular ideas about the U.S. Military and their real practices from the Revolutionary War to current operation...
The Art of War: From the Trenches to the Classroom
News and Events
The military has long been an important subject in art.  In the nineteenth century, Emanuel Leutze immortalized George Washington’s famous c...
Honourable Company of Horners to Hold Annual Meeting at USAHEC
News and Events
Carlisle, PA – The Honourable Company of Horners will be holding its annual meeting at the U.S. Army History and Education Center (USAHEC) at Car...

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Leadership Seminars




Looking to improve your organization’s effectiveness?

Need help developing driven and solution-oriented leaders?

Is trust and teamwork lacking in your organization?




    The Army Heritage Center Foundation can provide one-of-a-kind leadership development seminars tailored to support the specific needs and goals of your organization, company, or      academic institution. Participants will leave these events with a renewed sense of purpose, focus, and determination to move their organization in a positive and productive direction.


These tailored programs can last one to three days and use the resources of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, the nearby Gettysburg National Battlefield, and the expertise of former members of our Armed Services.





Workshops are divided into four key leadership development areas:

  • Foundational Leadership
  • Individual Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Experiential Leadership


“This workshop provided training on an entirely different level than available through a traditional educational organization.”

-        M. Ridgway, School Board President





For more information, please contact the Army Heritage Center Foundation at 717-258-1102 or by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .