An Army of Amateurs by Philippe De Vomecourt – The Story of the SOE Resistance Movement in France, by One of the Three Brothers Who Organized and Ran It – Copyright 1961 and published by Doubleday & Company, Inc.  ISBN 9780809485758. Hard cover with dust jacket in good condition.

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This book is the fascinating firsthand account of SOE agent Philippe Vomécourt’s wartime experiences and records the heroic efforts in the French resistance in Nazi-dominated France.

“Many books dealing with the work of the French Resistance have been published on this side of the Channel. Most of them have been the personal stories of gallant men and women, illuminating that corner of the picture that they saw. Here in Monsieur de Vomécourt’s book is a wider frame of reference which enables us to see how the spirit and forces of Resistance grew in France first into a gadfly nuisance and ultimately into a serious threat to German security. It shows, too, what it meant to be a member of the Resistance, and what it cost in blood and tears.

Monsieur de Vomécourt is in a good position to tell this story. He was in at the beginning in June 1940 with his brothers. Indeed, they can fairly claim to have been the first organizers and leaders, and Monsieur de Vomécourt tells a truly remarkable story.

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