Final Report by Colonel Jozef Beck


Diplomatic Memoirs of Colonel Jozef Beck, former Foreign Minister of Poland

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Józef Beck, (born Oct. 4, 1894, Warsaw—died June 6, 1944, Stăneşti, Rom.), Polish army officer and foreign minister from 1932 to 1939, one of Józef Piłsudski’s most trusted confidants. He attempted to maintain Poland’s friendly relations with Germany, France, and Romania while at the same time showing indifference toward the Soviet Union.

During World War I Beck fought in the Polish Legion. After the May 1926 military coup d’état led by Piłsudski, Beck became head of his cabinet and served as foreign minister of Poland. While maintaining a nonthreatening attitude toward the Soviet Union and Germany, he attempted to improve the international position of Poland by strengthening its alliances. As a result of the Munich Agreement, Poland was awarded the Cieszyn (Teschen) area of Czechoslavakia in October 1938. On April 6, 1939, Beck signed the alliance with Great Britain that was to bring Britain into World War II after the Germans invaded Poland in September of that same year. Along with the other members of the Polish government, he arrived in Romania in September 1939 and was interned; he died there at age 50.

Colonel Beck was treacherously interned by the Rumanian authorities, and remained in Rumania until his death in 1944. His commentaries and analyses constitute his invaluable Final Report.

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