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This is a fascinating volume that delves into the psyche of the SS Officer who is best known for his brutal suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto rebellion in 1943, and the ultimate destruction of the ghetto.
Written by a member of the Polish Home Army who shared a jail cell with Stroop for 255 days in 1949, the book relates the dialogue that occurred between the two men. It gives a good account of Stroop’s military career from World War I onward.
Focusing not only on his role in Warsaw, Stroop goes into details of his participation in the destruction of the ghetto in Lvov, and readily admits his responsiblity in the liquidation of ghettos such as Rawa Ruska, Tarnopol, Stanislavov, and others. Also covered is his planned role as the leader of an SS police group for the subjugation of the southern Caucasus areas of Georgia, North Osetia,and Armenia, among others, if the Germans had managed to conquer these territories.
What comes across most vividly is the total lack of guilt feelings and remorse displayed by Stroop throughout.
This book provides an excellent insight into the mind of an unrepentant perpetrator of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and is a must-read for any student or reader of holocaust literature.

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