Reminiscences of Conrad S. babcock


Reminiscences of Conrad S. Babcock: The Old U.S. Army and the New 1898-1918

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In 1918, a recent graduate of West Point, Conrad S. Babcock enlisted in the Spanish-American War. He managed to be placed under Major General Wesley Meritt who led to secure the city of Manila. The Philippine Insurrection shortly began after Babcock’s arrival in which he observed the U.S. Army’s transition detailing this process in his diary. After the Civil War, the Army comprised to a total of 28,000 men. The numbers spiked to the number of 125.000 men at the arrival of France in the summer of 1918. Thus, because of the German army influenced the United States Army to change its outdated 19th century tactics. The novel is divided between Babcock’sservices in the Filipino actions at the turn of the century and the other half in 1918 during the battles of Soissons, Saint-Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne (WWI). By 1937, he retired and wrote his memoirs at the rise of WWII giving insight about the army and combat over the last forty years.

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