The Essential Hitler Speeches and Commentary/Domarus,Romane


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For readers interested in the Third Reich, the Holocaust, Nazism, and genocides. Taken from Hitler: Speeches and Proclamations, 1932 1945, a four-volume set, this 850 page abridgement is arranged by topic: I. Introduction and personal notes; II. Chronology; III. Hitler s ideology (general, race, Jews, religion); IV. Hitler’s state (state and government, party and state, society people and function); V. Hitler s economy (public/private, major works); VI. Art (fine arts, buildings); VII. Army and state; VIII. War and diplomacy; IX. Road to war; X. Press; XI. Major speeches; and XII. Conclusions. A topical index is included. There is no other abridgement of Hitler’s Speeches and Proclamations, 1932-1945. There is no larger commentary or more extensive notes. -Standard reference book on the Third Reich -Highly acclaimed by the international community -Carefully researched and documented -Outstanding commentary by Domarus, noted historian -Commentary places events in context and clarifies Hitler’s ideology

‘An invaluable reference tool.’
Aaron Kornblum, Holocaust MuseumM

This title abridges the four-volume English translation of Domarus’ magnum opus, organized topically. It is in release concurrently with a new eBook The Complete Hitler: A Digital Desktop Reference (978-0-86516-658-5) of the entire original work in English and German in searchable PDF format. The four volume Hitler: Reden 1932 bis 1945 – Kommentiert von Einem Deutschen Zeitgenossen (978-0-86516-329-4) and its English translation Hitler: Speeches and Proclamations 1932-1945 – The Chronicle of a Dictatorship (978-0-86516-228-0) are also in release now from Bolchazy-Carducci. Library note: Recommended for collections in American History, Military & War, Politics, Reference, Scholarly, Translation, World History. Comment: These products are based on the classic research of Max Domarus contained in four English and four German volumes.

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