The Power of Will in International Conflict/Hall


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This comprehensive work provides a treasure trove of ways to seek, find, and use the power of will to gain an advantage over one’s opponents in mental conflicts.

Will has been―and always will be―the basis for succeeding in any conflict or competition. To win in a conflict or competition, decision-makers must comprehend the meaning and implications of will and successfully transform theories about it into practice. In the 21st century, it is especially important for military leaders and security professionals to comprehend will in sufficient depth to enable them to impose their will on other resisting entities and learn how to block or parry their adversaries’ efforts to impose their will on them. This book will go a long way in helping decision-makers achieve these goals.

Each chapter in this book addresses one of 14 elements that will help readers to use will successfully over their adversaries: life-force, purpose, strength of motive, capabilities, determination, perseverance, sacrifice, passion, advantage, disadvantage, imposition, action, assessment, and adaptation. The book also provides readers with 18 considerations that will serve them well in all types of conflicts. This book will be particularly beneficial to decision-makers in the military, law enforcement, and business, as well as attorneys and judges.

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