Used Books for Sale

The used books listed below are available for purchase through our Museum Store. Please contact the store at or (717) 258-1102 to inquire about individual titles' availability and to coordinate payment and shipping details. This list will be updated as new titles become available for purchase. All of the books listed on this website for sale are not and have not been property of the United States government or the U.S. Army.

Title Author Price Pub. Date Condition
1911 Preliminary Moves: 2011 Chief of Army History Conference Peter Dennis and Jeffrey Grey (2 copies) $45 2011 Good (2 copies)
A ‘Special Relationship’?: Harold Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson and Anglo-American relations ‘at the summit’, 1964-68; 1st Edition Jonathan Colman $28 2004 Good
A Bibliography of American Sporting Books M. L. Biscotti $42 1997 Fine
A Century of Sights & Sighting Aids Edna Rosalind Parker $70 1984 Good
A Descriptive Bibliography: Thomas G. Samsworth and the Small Arms Technical Publishing Co., 1st Edition  Brian R. Smith $50 1990 Very Good
A Life in the Golden Age of Jazz: A Biography of Buddy DeFranco Fabrice Zammarchi & Sylvie Mas $65 Unknown As New – Wrapped in Plastic
Aero Detail 30: Vikers-Supermarine GRIFFON SPITFIRE   $35 Unknown Very Good
American Hunting and Fishing Books, 1800-1970 Vol I; 1st Edition Morris Heller $55 1997 Fine
American Rifle John Ratcliffe Chapman $275 1848 Good
Any Shot You Want: The A-Square Handloading and Rifle Manual, 1st Edition Arthus B. Alphin $150 1996 Good
Balkan Battlegrounds, Volume 1 – With Mapcase CIA, Office of Russian and European Analysis $300 2002 Good
Bonn and the Bomb: German Politics and the Nuclear Option, 1st Edition Matthias Kuntzel $125 1995 Very Good
Break a Million! At Pac-Man: Learn the Secret to Astronomical Scores Develop Your own Strategies Ernest Zavisca, Ph.D. and Gary Deltowski $32 1982 Very Good
Building the Railways of the Raj: 1850-1900 Ian J. Kerr $75 1997 Very Good
Campaign Planning Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College $24 1988 Good
Canyon Light: The Seasons of Letchworth State Park Ray Minnick  & Peter G Humphrey $140 2007 Fine
Classical Architecture in Britain: The Heroic Age Giles Worsley $175 1995 Fine
Cold War & Revolution: Soviet-American Rivalry and the Origins of the Chinese Civil War, 1st Edition Odd Arne Westad $125 1993 Very Good
Copperhead Moon Herbert E. Stover $25 1952 Good
Coral and Brass Holland M. Smith $40 1979 Very Good
Elephant Commander David Enderby Blunt RN $100 1933 Fair
Encoded, Archival Description: Context, Theory and Case Studies Jackie M. Dooley $35 1999 Very Good
Ferdinand E. Marcos: Malachanang to Makiki Arturo C. Aruiza $100 1991 Very Good
France and the Exploitation of China 1885-1901, 1st Edition Robert Lee $24 1989 Very Good
Freedom under Lincoln, 1st Edition Dean Sprague $30 1965. Very Good
From Sumer to Rome: The Military Capabilities of Ancient Armies, 1st Edition Richard A. Gabriel and Karen S. Metz (2 copies) $35 1991 Very Good ( 2 copies )
General of the Army: Omar N. Bradley (5 Volume set) Magazine Articles By and About Omar Bradley $60 Unknown Good
Gibbs’ Cartridges and Front Ignition Loading Technique   $70 1991 Good
God’s Children Emma Lieber $50 1921 Good
Greenwich Village, Today & Yesterday,1st Edition Bernice Abbott & Henry Wysham Lanier $55 1949 Good
Gun Engraving Review E. C. Prudhomme (Signed Copy) $80 1961 Fine
Hawker Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury, 1st Edition Kev Darling $85 2003 Very Good
He Rode up Front for Patton Brig. Gen. Albin F. (Al) Irzyk $225 1996 Very Good
Heyday of the Shotgun: The Art of the Gunmaker at the Turn of the Last Century, 1st Edition David J. Baker $350 2000 Good
Indians of Illinois and Northwestern Indiana Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin & David B. Stout $40 1974 Good
Indochina: Prospects After ‘The End’ Allan W. Cameron $225 1976 Very Good
Keith’s Rifles for Large Game Elmer Keith, edited by Ellis Christian Lenz $70 1946 Very Good – Smudge on Front
Knights of Steel: The Structure, Develpoment and Personalities of the 1.SS-Panzer-Division, Volume 2 Mark C. Yerger $45 1994 Good
Language and Power in the Creation of the USSA: 1917-1953, 1st Edition Michael G. Smith $120 1998 Fine
Leaders’ Guide for Contingency Operations: The Human Dimension Alma G. Steinberg and Diane M. Foley $35 1998 Good
Maserati Bora and Merak: V8 & V6 kGiugiaro designed, mid engine GT Jan P. Norbye $40 1982 Good
Masquerade (Paperback), 1st Edition Kit Williams $28 1983 Good – Stickers on front
Mauser: Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles, 1st Edition John Speed, Walter Schmid, Reiner Herrmann $575 1997 Very Good
Measured in Blood: The Role of Henderson County, North Carolina in the American Civil War, 1st Edition Terrell T. Garren $100 2012 Very Good
Mountain Troops Winston Pote $55 1982 Very Good
      1993 Very Good
My Reminiscences of East Africa Paul Emil Von Lettow-Vorbeck $35 2012 Very Good
Negotiating Commercial Leases: How Owners and Corporate Occupants can Avoid Costly Errors John B. Wood $75 1997 Good
Notes on Sporting Rifles Gerald Burrard $55 1920 Very Good
One Square Mile: A Sea Cliff Sketchbook Frank O. Braynard $40 1974 Very Good (2 copies)
Paths to Power: The Historiography of American Foreign Relations to 1941, 1st Edition Michael J. Hogan $24 2000 Very Good
Politics and Strategy in the Second World War International Committee for the History of the Second World War $35 1976 Fair
Portrait of an Army… Soldiers Serving the Nation, 1st Edition General Gordon R. Sullivan & Marylou Gjernes $25 1991 Good – In hard cover case
Preserving Archives and Manuscripts Mark Lynn Ritzenthaler $25 1993 Very Good
Programmed Wargame Scenarios Charles Stewart Grant $45 1st Ed. Good
Psychological Warfare, 1st Edition Paul M. A. Linebarger $65 1948 Good
Radio Research: 1942-1943, War Edition Paul F. Lazarsfeld & Frank Stanton $80 1944 Fair
Radiological Effluents Released from U.S. Continental Tests 1961 Through 1992 United States Department of Energy Nevada Operations Office $30 1996 Fair
Sanso: Art Quest Between Two Worlds, 1st Edition Rod Paras-Perez $28 1988 Fair
Scenarios for Wargames, 1st Edition Charles Stewart Grant $50   Fine
Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers   $40 2016 Good
      1990 Very Good
Suoman Ilmavoimien Historia: Dornier Do 17 Z, Junkers Ju 88 A-4 Kalevi Keskinen & Kari Stenman $35 1999 Very Good
Telescopic Rifle Sights Townsend Whelen $24 1936 Fair
The Age of Aristocracy: 1688-1830 William B. Willcox & Walter L. Arnstein $28 2001 Good
The American Arms Collector The Collectors Press, Inc. $38 1957 Good
The Battle of Athens C. Stephen Byrum $65 1987 Fine
The Black Knights of West Point: 1890-1953, 1st Edition West Point $40 1954 Good
The Car that Made Stutz Good in a Day: The Splendid Stutz Multiple Authors $75 1996 Good
The Communist Insurrection in Malaya, 1948-60 Anthony Short $100 1977 Fine
The Custom Revolver, 1st Edition Hamilton S. Bowen $475 2001 Fine
The Delaware Continentals 1776-1783 Christopher L.  Ward $125 2005 Fine
The Fifth Infantry Division in the ETO The Fifth Division Historical Section Headquarters Fifth Infantry Division $125 1981 Very Good
The Films of Carl-Theodor Dreyer, 1st Edition David Bordwell $48 1981 Good
The Forgotten Soldier – Leather Bound, Collector’s Edition Guy Sajer $185 1967 Fine
The Future of the Soviet Navy: An Assessment to the Year 2000, 1st Edition Bruce W. Watson and Peter M. Dunn $120 1986 Very Good
The Italian Gun, 1st Edition Steve Smith and Laurie Marrow $55 1997 Good
The Lessons of Modern War: Vol I – III (3 Volume Set), 1st Edition Anthony H. Cordesman & Abraham R. Wagner $100 1990 Very Good
The Model 70 Winchester: 1937-1964; Revised 1st Edition Dean H. Whitaker (Signed Copy) $395 1981. Fine
The North Anna Campaign “Even to Hell Itself” May 21-26, 1864 J. Michael Miller $30 1989 Very Good
The Panama Canal: An Army’s Enterprise, 1st Edition Center of Military History $28 2009 Very Good
The Sporting Rifle & its Projectiles Lieut. James Forsyth $185 1867 Good
The Super-Powers and Africa: The Constraints of a Rivalry, 1960-1990; 1st edition Zaki Laidi $35 1990 Very Good
The US Military Profession into the Twenty-First Century: War, Peace and Politics Sam C. Sarkesian & Robert E. Connor, JR. $130 2006 Fine
The USSR and Africa: Foreign Policy Under Khrushchev; 1st Edition Dan C. Heldman $35 1981 Good
The Wonderful Story of Life: A Father’s Talks with his Little Son Regarding Life and It’s Reproduction United States Public Health Service $25 1924 Very Good
Travel-Trailer Homesteading Under $5,000 Brian Kelling $24 1995 Very Good
Troubled Friendships, Moscow’s Third World Ventures Margot Light $38 1993 Good
Warship Pictorial #13: Imperial Japanese Navy Kongo Class Battleships Steve Wiper $55 2001 Very Good
We Can’t all be Heroes: A History of the Separate Infantry Regiments in World War II; 1st Edition Melvin Curtis Walthall $35 1975 Good
Winchester For Over a Century: The Model 1885 Winchester Single Shot, Preface to Vol. 3; 1st Edition Bill West $50 1965 Very Good
Witness to Surrender Siddiq Salik $35 1978 Good
Your Son, Calvin Coolidge; A Selection of Letters from Calvin Coolidge to his Father Introduction by John Coolidge; Edited by Edward Connery Lathem $75 1968 Fine

Book Condition Definitions:

As New = Looks/feels brand new

Fine = Shows no damage but normal effects

Very Good = Worn but untorn

Good = Averaged used worn book – defects should be noted

Fair = Shows wear and tear bug pages/illustrations are present

Poor = Complete text but is so damaged that is only valuable for someone who wants to read