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Desert Redleg: Artillery Warfare in the First Gulf War with COL(R) L. Scott Lingamfelter

When Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, triggering the First Gulf War, a coalition of 35 countries led by the United States responded with Operation Desert Storm, which culminated in a 100 hour coordinated air strike and ground assault that repelled Iraqi forces from Kuwait. An 8 day barrage of artillery fire made this seemingly rapid offensive possible.

A veteran and former redleg (field artilleryman) of the 1st Infantry Division Artillery (the “Big Red One”), Col. L. Scott Lingamfelter, recounts the logistical and strategic decisions that led to a coalition victory, provides a boots-on-the-ground perspective on the artillery bombardment, and attempts to answer the question of whether the United States “got the job done” in its first sustained Middle Eastern conflict.

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