Why Give

To support the development and expansion of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC), and its programs, and to sustain and enhance the Center’s and the Foundation’s ability to inform and educate the American public on contributions by Soldiers and the U.S. Army to our nation’s history.

Aspirations to honor the heritage of the U.S. Army and educate the public on Soldiers’ sacrifices and contributions have never been higher.

Fueled by generous supporters, and the vision of its leadership, the Army Heritage Center Foundation is transforming those aspirations into reality through the Heritage of the American Soldier Campaign.

Engaging more philanthropic-minded friends than ever before, the campaign is providing the means to:

  • Build and expand U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center public facilities
  • Enhance the visitor experience, the Center’s collections and education programs where federal funds are inadequate or unavailable
  • Promote the Center as a national resource and a major tourist destination

You are the key to this campaign.

By giving your support, you will have a personal connection to honoring the heritage of the American Soldier and ensuring that Soldier stories are told. Your support will make a lasting difference.

The Foundation’s development team is available at 717-258-1102 to assist you in determining the best way to contribute.

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