A Colony Sprung From Hell by Daniel P. Barr


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“You’re not the boss of me!” if you want to see amazing stories of how self-interest destabilized the Western frontier for a half Century the forks of the Ohio hold the tales. Daniel Barr does the best job I have ever seen of peeling back the onion and offers context I have never found in any other source. How was this frontier settled? Why did both Virginia, Pennsylvania and the native Indian’s all compete for the territory? How did George Washington’s involvement in a crony capitalist land speculation scheme backed by the Virginia governor lead to the Seven Years War? How did entrepreneurial schemers like the Irishman George Croghan play all sides of shifting conflicts over the years in an effort to stake their own claim? What would have happened if the Continental Congress had honored the Treaty of Pittsburgh and created a sovereign nation of Delaware Indians in the region? Did you know there was almost a 14th colony of Vandalia? Why are there no heroic stories of the Western Front of the American Revolution? Why wouldn’t the local militia leave their front yards to fight the British? Massacres, riots, rebellions, money, wars, fortunes won and lost…Colony Sprung from Hell has it all.

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