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“The story of the men on both sides of the Atlantic who successfully thwarted plans to dismantle the Nazi cartel system. The first complete account of how the giant German industrial and financial combines subsidized Hitler and the Nazi military machine on the one hand, and on the other hand conspired to weaken Europe and America through favorable cartel agreements, in preparation for world conquest. Names all the major individuals and all the major firms involved. Describes incidents of how we actually aided the enemy in wartime. Written from firsthand experience by the man who, as Chief of the Decartelization Branch of our Military Government, was not allowed to complete the mission set by President Roosevelt. Reveals the obstacles that blocked the mission’s path. Exposes what happened when the interests of businessmen conflicted with U.S. war aims.” – dust jacket. Author was a lawyer turned professor who was invited to join the Board of Economic Warfare (BEW) in 1942.

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