Deeds of War by James Nachtwey


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Nachtwey, a photojournalist who has received the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal three times, here documents the profoundness of war. The photographs, taken between 1981 and 1988, are from places whose names have become synonymous with anguish, violence, and repression or with civil, religious, political, or rebel war: Sri Lanka, Korea, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uganda, Haiti, Sudan, and the West Bank. The book’s relentless color photographs, often spread across the open page, reveal torture, starvation, perverse inhumanity, and the bombing and murder of innocent children, civilians, rebels, and constabularies alike. Purpose and hope are as palpable as sorrow in prayer before the fray and in the faces of mourners; zealousness and discipline are evident in the training of U.S. Army recruits, Tamil guerrillas, and young Guatemalans. Recommended.

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