Napoleon’s Army 1790-1815 by Lucien Rousselot


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Lucien Rousselot is one of the world’s most important military artists, having played an integral role in establishing uniformology as a true science. He was born in France at a time when the 1871 military defeat by Prussia was still very present in the psyche of the French people. After all, it had not been long since the French army under Napoleon I had not only amazed the world, but had stood victoriously astride the whole of Europe. Indeed, triumphant armies guided by the military genius of Bonaparte had marched down the avenues of Paris to the delight of enormous crowds. It is no surprise, therefore, that the talented young Rousselot decided to devote much of his life to recreating the martial splendor of France s greatest age. The Napoleonic period offered innumerable opportunities for his skills, as uniforms varied widely in style and color, as befitted an age when individual glory still counted for much on Europe s battlefields. Rousselot received his artistic training at the renowned School of Decorative Arts in Paris while at the same time immersing himself in the study of the classic military illustrators. His immense talent was equaled only by his innate modesty and intense commitment to his work. This level of dedication ultimately resulted in the marvelous watercolors and exacting narrative presented in this publication. Aside from a now-rare work published in France costing many hundreds of dollars, Napoleon s Army: 1790 1815 is the only complete collection of Rousselot s life s work on the period, here presented admirably yet affordably for the English-speaking public. REVIEWS written by the most renowned expert on the uniforms and history of the Napoleonic Era it was like finding the Holy Grail. The color prints are exquisite in beautiful color and in perfect registration. The descriptions of each article of clothing for every soldier and his equipment are detailed in wonderful English I would recommend this book very highly not just for figure painters as myself, but as a wonderful history of a very special time in the past. IPMS, 11/16/2010 marvelous illustrations of uniforms, equipment and weapons the only complete collection of Rousselot’s legacy on this period .History buffs and military hobbyists will be left dazes and amazed by this superb and invaluable book.

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