Principles of Guided Missiles and Nuclear Weapons


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Fundamentals of missile and nuclear weapons systems are presented in this book which is primarily prepared as the second text of a three-volume series for students of the Navy Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and the Officer Candidate School. Following an introduction to guided missiles and nuclear physics, basic principles and theories are discussed with a background of the factors affecting missile flight, airframes, missile propulsion systems, control components and systems, missile guidance, guided missile ships and systems, nuclear weapons, and atomic warfare defense. In the area of missile guidance, further explanations are made of command guidance, beam-rider methods, homing systems, preset guidance, and navigational guidance systems. Effects of nuclear weapons are also described in categories of air, surface, subsurface, underwater, underground, and high-altitude bursts as well as various kinds of damages and injuries. Besides illustrations for explanation purposes, a table of atomic weights and a glossary of general terms are provided in the appendices.

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