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The Story of Mis-X, The Super-Secret U.S. Agency Behind World War II’S Greatest Escapes

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In MI-9: Escape and Evasion 1939-1945 ( LJ 11/1/80), M.R.D. Foot and J.M. Langley told how captured British servicemen were helped to resist and escape from POW camps. Shoemaker aptly describes America’s counterpart effort, MIS-X, to supply prisoners with the means to escape from German POW camps and return home. Nearly all of MIS-X’s materials and files were ordered destroyed at war’s end. However, Shoemaker is able to tell much of the story from his own work with the group. MIS-X managed to get food, clothes, tools, radios, paper, and printing equipment to prisoners in Europe. Some flyers had learned a code to use in their letters home if captured and were able to provide useful information to U.S. officials. Well written and likely to be enjoyed by layperson or specialist.

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