When Truth was Treason/Holmes,Keele


German Youth Against Hitler

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In 1942, Helmuth Hubener, a 17-year-old from Hamburg and a member of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, listened to forbidden broadcasts from England and then typed up fliers that contradicted official Nazi information. The sheets were distributed by three other young men. For these acts, Hubener was beheaded and his friends received prison sentences ranging from four to ten years. Editors Holmes and Keele (history and German, respectively, Brigham Young University) have translated and edited the account of Karl-Heinz Schnibbe, the eldest of the young men sent to prison. The account takes the reader from Schnibbe’s youngest days through his involvement with Hubener and his years in prison. The notes are an excellent source of information for students, though they should have been placed at the bottom of the main narrative. Schnibbe’s account is powerful and adds to the literature on German resistance. The book should be in all academic and large public libraries.

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