The Sinking of the HMT Rohna

On Nov 26, 1943, the HMT Rohna was attacked and sunk while transporting troops in the Mediterranean. 1,138 men were killed of which 1,015 were U.S. personnel. The attack was the largest loss of U.S. troops at sea due to enemy action in a single incident.   However, the War Department was slow to release the true cause of the sinking.  Not until 1967 was a more complete history of the event revealed.

Jason Markiewitz and Michael Walsh will present a virtual lecture on the events surrounding the attack and the sinking and their organization’s continuing effort to bring this story to the public.

Jason Markiewitz is President of The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association & Descendant of a Survivor and Michael Walsh is a Past President of The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association and Next-of-Kin of a Rescuer.

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