Collaboration in Belgium Leon Degrelle and the Rexist Movement


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This book examines the history of political collaboration in Belgium during World War II. The Rexist movement was founded in the early 1930s by Leon Degrelle as a movement of “renovation” and “conquest”, and it was gradually transformed into a political party which won 11% of the vote in the general election of 1936. After the German blitzkreig which overwhelmed Belgium in May 1940, Degrelle and the Rexists declared open support for the Nazis, founding a volunteer army which fought on the Eastern front, and eventually receiving the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves for his efforts in supporting the Nazis. After the fall of the Reich, Degrelle fled to Spain where he continues to live today. Conway has based this account of a little-known part of the history of World War II on a comprehensive examination of the Belgian and German records, as well as personal interviews with Degrelle himself and other surviving Rexists.

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