The Clubmobile The Arc In the Storm Marjorie Lee Morgan


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The American Red Cross operated so called “Clubmobiles” during World War 2, starting in England, and using mainly converted London buses, with donut making machine, coffee machine, etc. and fed the troops coffee and donuts and provided some of the comforts of home.

In time for the invasion in France it was decided that they would need sturdier vehicles and ones with off road capability, and the GMC CCKW 353, open and closed cabin, without winch, was chosen. An extension of about three feet was attached to the rear of the frame and a house type body was built. The interior sported a donut maker, coffee machine, record players were used to play music over the built in PA-system, and so on.

There are a couple of replica Clubmobiles to be found here in Europe, some based on the regular US WW2 house type bodies used by the US army, which unfortunately need a great deal of rebuilding to be correct. Lately some vehicles with scratch built bodies have started to appear.

The ARC also built about a dozen “Cinemobiles”, based on the chassis of a Dodge WC62 ( see photo). There are plans unedrway to build a replica Cinemobile in time for the celebrations next year in Europe. The Cinemobiles had a stage that folded out from the left hand side and it carried a grand piano, PA-system, a film projector and a screen inside the body of the truck.

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